Mission Description

The federal mission of the 192nd Fighter Wing is to maintain the highest possible degree of combat readiness so as to be an effective combat unit to the U.S. Air Force upon mobilization. It is to execute directed tactical fighter missions designed to destroy enemy military forces, supplies, equipment, communications systems and installations. 

The state mission is to remain ready to answer any call to duty by the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to aid, protect, and defend the commonwealth in any necessary capacity.

The 192nd Fighter Wing currently flies and maintains the F-22A Raptor here in the 149th Fighter Squadron, supports the ongoing intelligence mission here in the 192nd Intelligence Squadron, and supports the 735th Supply Chain Management Group under the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center.

The unit operates an active community relations program, assisting at Special Olympics events, supporting local patriotic and aviation activities and donating time and talents to the Children's Hospital, the local Veterans Affairs hospital, and the Commonwealth Challenge program.