192nd Fighter Wing Mission

192nd Fighter Wing Mission:

Provide a fully trained organization of volunteer Airmen dedicated to protect and defend the vital interests of the nation, state and community. The wing provides combat-ready personnel and equipment to support United States’ national security objectives in a federal capacity; protect life and property and preserve peace, order and safety in a state capacity; and participate in local, state and national programs that add value to the U.S. in a community capacity.

192nd FW Federal Mission:

Maintain the highest degree of combat readiness so as to be an effective combat unit to the U.S. Air Force upon mobilization. The wing executes cyber, intelligence, tactical fighter, supply chain management and support missions to protect U.S. assets and destroy enemy military forces.

192nd FW State Mission:

Remain ready to answer any call to duty by the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to aid, protect, and defend the Commonwealth and its citizens in multiple capacities.

(current as of April 2018)

192d Fighter Wing Staff

Col. Frank Lobash
Col. Frank J. Lobash
Col Jeffrey L. Ryan
Vice Commander
Col. Jeffrey L. Ryan
CMSgt Michael Bouley
Command Chief
Chief Master Sgt. Michael J. Bouley